Captain’s Log, Tuesday 13th of February

And so time passed, dearest log.

The larp was held last week end and it was a success. In my organizer opinion many things could’ve been done better. And they will be done better in future larps, but what’s important the players liked griefplay. Alot it seems, gives me a nice and warm feeling inside.

Well, we were done after 4 PM in Hirvikari with cleaning. After that I managed barely to drive home and then drag myself and all the stuff inside. I fell asleep in an instant and even after 12 hours of sleep I felt like I hadn’t slept at all. I think I managed to get the a-virus flue, but it’s no wonder I suppose.

Eve online is going pretty well for me, I have great ideas on how to build my char for about 2 years. After that it’s impossible to say yet. At the moment my ISP is pissing in my eye and internet is down for the assumed 5th day… and I’m getting rather anxious to be honest. This GPRS is killing me and I can’t get to even check my skills.

I also had an idea for a new larp that I started organizing today. I wrote the world and history yesterday and today as I was sick at home without a proper internet line. It’s not very unique or anything, I think the thing behind it is the crappy game Falcon’s Nest that really caused me some inner turmoil. It’s sort of same, but nothing like it. ;) It’s basically post apocalyptic desert larp with some vampires and green thoughts in it. I hope the players will like it. I will try to arrange it in a totally different way than the first one, which was a success, but not for me. I couldn’t do everything I wanted.

Well then, wish me luck. I already have 2 helpers with the new project, I need maybe 5 more.

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Captain’s Log, Tuesday 28th of November

On last Saturday I had a huge idea of a semi-funny more of zombie larp. And yesterday I started asking around and telling the possible game masters of my idea. Now we are arranging a larp in February and it’ll be great. I love it, I hope the players will have good time also.

See you in SM 2 GP.

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Captain’s Log, Monday 27th of November

Christmas is coming, yahhoooo! And yet another larp is gone. This was the one that a huge bunch of people were waiting for almost a year. And then, just when the game was about to start one player manages to ruin it and cause it to end. It was really amazing and my first “bad game”. Can’t help it now, but I promised to become a game master for the sequel and if possible help write the history all over again, so we can all forget what could have happened in the Fairy Tale Land that day.

I don’t think I have ever seen such amount of dissapointed and enraged larpers. And I totally get it why – all in all I had spent (after recounting) about 100 euros on the props, maybe even a bit more. Loads and loads of time on the props and other stuff. Gladly the pre game and the after game were good – although people are supposed to be allowed to sleep on Sunday morning, damn it! Driving isn’t safe at all if people don’t sleep and just because your parents are going to come and get you it doesn’t mean you can wake everyone up, it goes agains’t the larp etiquette, don’t do it if you want to get into games again.

That’s it for the whining I think, now to the good parts. Food was good and there was plenty, although I dare say it wasn’t meant for tentacle monsters to eat. But oh well, I couldn’t drink either. ;) Game masters did an awesome job and pulled the game together very fine. Thank you! Thank you also to my closest in game players. You were awesome and still are.

My little and big sister both debuted in this game. It’s a pity it had a crappy ending like that, but I must say I’m quite pleased to their effort. Props were very nice and they had really put a thought to it. They played their characters well too and I’m sort of proud of them. I will definitely take them with me afterwards too.

That’s it for today, outside the grass is green, what the hell is the matter with this weather?!

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Captain’s Log, Sunday 12th of November

Finally we arrived at home. Everything is practically a mess but it feels good to be home again. This week end was Oulu Halloween party by OIEI. It was great – 4 small larps and plenty of good experiences. I might be a bit too tired to write about it right now though – so I’ll just leave it until later.

Tomorrow I will probably have to take a work leave from school and go do some things in Rantsila. It will be busy.

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Captain’s Log, Friday 3rd of November

Times have been hard and I haven’t had the time to write anything in a while. Seems like whole of my life is just way too busy and I’m not sure how to help it. Last week one of my class mates got into a car accident and we’ve been visiting him alot. Also my hurry peaked the day before yesterday when I had to make the decision to post pone my job leave to Rantsila.

I crashed the car on last friday – gladly nobody was hurt and the cars weren’t damaged that badly, but fixing all the plating of my car will take a lot of time. I am getting pretty desperate, there doesn’t seem to be an immediate end to this.

I feel so tired all in all.

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Captain’s log, Friday 29th of September

Today in Rantsila, again. Tomorrow in Rovaniemi and going alone to the medieval fare of the local Waldorf-schule. I bet I will have fun but because everyone seems to be away I will have fun mostly alone. This was very badly organized and it only strenghtens my feeling of leaving Rovaniemen Larppaajat for good. What should be done – I wonder.

Otherwise everything seems good. First decent draft of Kylmänen’s web pages is finished and I will start writing the actual web pages next week. Tomorrow I will restart all the servers and then drive back home.

When I was driving here I visited the Militärtöverskött shop in Sangis, Sweden. I got a very nice and tidy blanket from there and my father bought this and that. I think this blanket will serve me well, it’s very warm and I will have to get another one soon. Also I saw first snow. It was wet snow, but still the ground was covered by it. Brought some memories – good and bad. Mostly good. The road was very slippery.
I wonder how my friends in Sweden are doing… I am trying to organize a trip to (here) Rantsila next week end to have some nice time with my friends in Finland. We will drink a bit maybe and sauna a lot maybe. And have loads of fun although it’s getting darker and darker. I hope I will get some people to come, maybe even 6-7!

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Captain’s log, Tuesday 12th of September

I am once again in Rantsila. Since the school start I’ve had my hands full. I’m starting to think maybe a bit too full even. But anyways I’m coping with it. I haven’t done the dishes for ages and they are piling up nicely. I really wouldn’t like to leave them like that when I have to go traveling.

Last Friday I had a car accident. I think the damage to my car was way more than what it’s worth, but I will fix it still. I like it alot – which is pretty clear to anyone who sees me with it. I say it’s love. I’ve been thinking I should probably give a name to it.

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Captain’s log, Tuesday 5th of September

Here we are sitting at Waltro’s place and waiting for a movie. We are going to go and see the Silent Hill. Horror can be really lovable! Actually we happened to meet quite some people at town while moving very slowly towards the movie theatre. And eventually there were six of us that decided to go to the movies.

This weekend we are having OIEI’s 10th anniversary gala. It’ll be fun with a gangster theme. Luckily we found some hats to wear – actually they were really costy, 55 € a piece, but we got them on discount of 70%! Great, although still a bit expencive for props. I suppose I will have to find further use for my hat later on.

School started yesterday and already me and Aleksi found something more interesting to do. Many things are worrying me and I feel like I still have loads and loads of stress. I am even considering maybe quitting my job for at least some time. I need to get things in order! And starting playing World of Warcraft again sure didn’t help a bit – why the hell did I do that?

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Captain’s log, Monday 7th of August

I’m in Rantsila doing what I do best, keeping up Kylmänen’s computers. We came back from Dragonbane some days ago and plenty has happened already. There’s a fire inside of me, not a fire of Makhios, but of archery. It’s a pity I still have to wait for some days to get to shoot with my bow.

I met some interesting people in the LARP and now I’m trying to settle things in my head what to do next. Sure we have some unfinished projects with Waltro but I can’t help thinking of the “more international LARP”, the one we are going to try and get some Swedes to come to. They are so near.

I’m sitting in my summer cottage with nothing to do, my computer’s battery will run out pretty soon and I will probably get the first good night sleep for 3-4 weeks. It really is a pity I can’t sleep at morning, hollidays would be so much easier to pass by sleeping.

While I’m here I’m checking for all the trees, I find some nice trees here, but back in Rovaniemi big rowens and birches are a rare sight. They grow too slow. Henrik’s skill awoke a feeling inside me I had lost maybe a year ago. I will make a long bow now, before this I lacked the skill and understanding of bowery.

I used my admin rights in Dragon’s Nest for the first time in 2 months, I hope Timo and others don’t mind me mangling with their forum and groups. I created a new group, new mail group, new forum and some other useful things around the “Sane Camp” as our united 3 tents were called in Dragonbane. I’m hoping some of the people will even activate a bit and maybe give some good debriefing of their games.

Being alone here isn’t half as nice as with other people. Time goes so slow, I suppose I will watch some anime and then get to sleep. Nothing else to do anyways.

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